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"The Only training Aid in the World that can train the ideal Hip movement throughout the entire Swing" Ian Triggs

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Coaches use the K-Vest 3D motion analyser to show their students what significant improvements are made after using the Swing Governor. This improvement translates to increased efficiency visit




Swing Governor: a patented training aid that governs the most elusive feeling to learn in golf ... Dynamic Balance more

1. Provides static Balance & Stability
2. Checks Alignment
3. Governs Hip- Turn/Tilt Ratio
4. Governs Dynamic Balance

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Swing Governor - as seen on Foxtel Golf Show


The Swing Governor has many benefits which rectifies a multitude of swing problems So with this one training tool, it will get you to the Top in good shape & then the "bump" on the downswing will initiate a solid release into impact.

1. Provides Balance & Stability
The Swing Governor™ when fitted just above the knees, causes you to press harder on the ground to create torque to hold it in place, this gripping of the ground by the feet, creates real time balance and stablility you can feel and retain.

2. Assists with Alignment
The foundation of a solid golf swing. Aligning- allows your joints to work properly without undue resistance. The Swing Governor™ will instinctly align your feet, knees & hips ..learn more

3. Governs Hip Turn/Tilt Ratio
The Swing Governor fixes the common fault of too much hip turn, and not enough hip tilt, at the top of the backswing. A training ratio of 6:1 provides a powerful pivot. Hips turn 30 deg and tilt 5 deg. When the hips are restrained and the shoulders continue to turn, the hips will naturally tilt

The Kinetic Chain sequence (above) shows the Hips, Shoulders & Hands in the ideal timing sequence. The Swing Governor governs the lower body to assist with this critical timing ..more
4. Governs Dynamic Balance
Golf is all about balance - Static and Dynamic. Balance should flow through the entire swing, in one fluid action. From the time you start your backswing, to the time you finish your follow through, you should always be in balance. The Swing Governor enables you to feel this.This diagram illustrates how the Swing Governor governs Pressure, COG and Dynamic Balance for a straight shot. ...learn more

5. Engrains a Backswing Sequential Coil
The Swing Governor™ initially restricts the lower body, while your upper body begins to coil, generating torque & seperation between the upper & lower body. Without the the Swing Governor™, you tend to turn the hips with the shoulders, and miss out on all this power...learn more

6. Hogans #1 Secret (aka the "bump" )
"push your right knee inwards both to the left and towards the ball." This move is difficult to perform, due to it being a 3 dimensional motion, however when executed with the the Swing Governor™ between the knees it
becomes a motion that you can "feel"

7. Initiates the Bump
A critical move - if you don't initiate the downswing with your lower body, your Timing will be out, and your Kinetic Chain will be out of sequence...learn more

8. "Anchors" the lower body
The Swing Governor™ "bumps" the lowerbody to post the front leg to where it should be at Impact, which "anchors" the lower body- allowing the upper body, hands and club to release through to the impact zone, now over a stable front leg...learn more

9. Decelerates the lower body on the Down Swing
A lot of golfers do not know, or have not been taught, to momentarily decelerate their lower body after it intiates the downswing. Instead they accelerate their hips right through impact causing untold problems. This intricate move will make a major difference to the averge golfer but you will need the Swing Governor to train you to perfect this move. more



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